Brainwashing is not just for cults and science fiction novels. It is the spirit of the age. The subtlety with which it is done is clever and almost imperceptible. Magicians use “sleight of hand”; meaning they distract you from what they are accomplishing by getting you to focus on something irrelevant. Take the renaming of the common word for an unborn baby as “fetus”. If you take a moment to think it through it becomes clear how this distracts the populace from the real issue in the abortion debate. After all it’s only a fetus. Going back further in Western culture we have the renaming of the word for knowledge. Just as trading “fetus” for “baby” made it easier to forget what we’re really talking about, secular scientists have tricked the masses into thinking science is synonymous with knowledge. Bible believing Christians know that the bible is the ultimate book of knowledge. But many of the same people would balk at the notion that the bible is a book of science. Obviously I’m not suggesting that the bible is a science textbook. But if it speaks about something that we refer to as science, it speaks with absolute authority. The sleight of hand at play here is that of first naming knowledge science and then shifting the meaning of the word “science”.

“Science” means “knowledge” only when we arrive at conclusions from the scientific method. This means an observer tests a theory by experimentation yielding repeatable and verifiable results. This actual knowledge or science if you will is how we put a man on the moon and built nuclear reactors. Evolution and global warming are also called science which should mean that they are things that we know. Neither of these versions of the emperor’s new clothes is capable of being verified with the scientific method and both run counter to known scientific data. Evolution also redefines the word “history”. That’s all that evolution is. It is a popular version of history that was compiled by non-historians without witnesses to the supposed events. None of the tenets of evolutionary theory fit the definition of science, nor do they fit any of the accepted methods of historiography. Darwin’s theory fails to play by the rules of either discipline.

We need to understand a few undisputable facts about evolution as it is put forth as science and historical fact. Every method that is used by evolutionists to “prove” the theory rests on unverifiable presuppositions. They don’t tell you that they have to presuppose certain conditions as starting points for all of their dating methods. No one was around to measure the amount of this isotope or that element in the supposed beginning of their calculations. All of the dating methods that “prove” the long ages that are supposedly necessary for gradual genetic mutations assume a uniformitarian geology. Honest scientists admit the scientific method cannot be applied to what they refer to as historical science. What this means to us is that the masses erroneously equate the type of scientific advances that put us on the moon with the speculative theories of 19th century secular scientists. This is exactly what 2Pet.3 teaches would be the prevailing wisdom of the last days. This clearly ignores the account of a very different climate described in the pre-flood world. An environment that allowed men to live nearly a millennium doesn’t allow for scientists of our day to venture a reasonable guess as to conditions before the worldwide flood. Moreover, as stated before there are no writings of historians recording anything, much less scientific data more than just a few thousand years ago.

Clearly Darwin’s theory rests more on the fleshly desires of men to rid themselves of a Creator than on good science or history. They even went so far as to rename an interpretation of history “The Theory of Evolution”. The masses don’t even know that this shell game is the foundation for modern secular ideology. A fetus is a baby and evolution is the mother of all historical fiction. Darkness covers the hearts and minds of men who deliberately forget that long ago God destroyed men just like themselves. This is the ultimate reminder that they too will be destroyed if they don’t repent. Those who have put their trust in Christ while holding an old earth view lack the key to reach non believing atheists. The fall in a literal Garden of Eden is crucial to fully understanding the gospel. In our next post we’ll seek to understand this a bit more and refute well-meaning Christians who think that they are doing Christianity a favor by compromising on this issue.


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